Urban Mining Corp B.V.

The world is suffering from a plastic crisis. The current plastic recycling approach needs to be changed fundamentally to solve this growing waste flow. An integral and local processing solution is required to turn waste into ‘new’ raw materials, reducing unwanted emissions and residue flows.

Umincorp technology can recycle mixed rigid post-consumer plastic packaging waste into high-quality resources. We do this in a local processing plant, close to the community that has generated the waste, with a 85% recovery (current recycling techniques reach 60%) and attractive economics (as our pure polymer products have a high value). After 10 years of development we now do this for and in the city of Amsterdam.

Thanks to our proprietary Magnetic Density Separation technology we can separate small flakes of PP, HDPE, PS and PET originating from mixed plastic household packaging waste cheaply into 99% pure polymer products. We supply a total recycling solution, our approach is worldwide applicable, can be applied on large scale, has a low carbon footprint and is per ton of waste less expensive than other technologies.

We offer recycling lines that truly help solving the plastic waste problem. Where conventional recycling plants stimulate cherry picking of easy to recycle plastic objects (like PET bottles), our process coverts all rigid plastics in the waste into high grade polymer products. In this way, the generation of a plastic residue flow that is even less attractive to recycle and therefore often ending up in the environment (being current practice) can be prevented.